The Program that Programs our DNA

Epigenetics. The Program that Programs the DNA 

Health can impact the genome, and the genome can impact our health.That's Epigenetics. (Wikipedia,

Epigenetics is reversible. Mutations are not. However, we can reverse or "bring back some of the bad effects of epigenetics". This is fact.

Evolutionary biologists have suffered one of their main supportive arguments, that of the “junk DNA”. There is not such thing. The evidence against this preposterous “doctrine” is now so strong that “evolution” is shown for what it is, FALSE. Evolution has always been a hoax. It is not true science. It never was.

“Junk” DNA concept is now replaced by the hyper active functional DNA view as held by the best and most reputable scientists. That is 100% of the DNA is fully functional. (Echeverria, 2018).

Wikipedia describes Epigenetics as follows:  "Epigenetic mechanisms are affected by several factors and processes including development in utero and in childhood, environmental chemicals, drugs and pharmaceuticals, aging, and diet. DNA methylation is what occurs when methyl groups, an epigenetic factor found in some dietary sources, can tag DNA and activate or repress genes".

We see over a trillion particles in a SINGLE cell. That is irreducible complexity. And, "they all have to work together, for life". Chance is out of the question. Un-scientists only will dare challenge this fact. True science is never left up to "luck". Information systems, even the most simple one, do not haphazardly put together complex programs. How could epigenetics mechanisms, and DNA have programmed themselves ? Not in any number of billion of billions of years. And simply, because we haven't been here that long.

Thus, in light of what we have now discovered on Epigenetic, we should now be asking properly: Why do we insist that humans and living organisms “evolved” by some accidental random act of nature?

Instead we should rather ask, Who created this biological wonder within ourselves and what else is lurking in the wonderful cell and the incredible universe that will teach us infinitely more about this Intelligent Creator ?

“The more we learn about the intricacy and elegance of intracellular processes, the more implausible becomes the gradualist evolutionary scenario. Just as Lavoisier's experiments helped lead to the rejection of phlogiston theory, the new data on epigenetics is helping scientists realize the inadequacy of Darwinian processes to account for the origin of our bodies..".


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The feeble arguments of Michael Ruse’s regarding irreducible complexity stand pale in comparison with sensible, logical and scientific facts of this short, fact packed video. 

The cell with its over trillion parts in its make up will not stand to the poorly used "irreducible complexity" logic of Ruse in his Stanford "evolutionary" page article on Creationism.

When Ruse wrote in his essay that  "If this essay persuades even one person to take up the fight against so awful an outcome, then it will have served its purpose”, we reply:

Millions of common sense, and intellectually honest persons say, the article by(Ruse, 2014), with all its feeble, illogical arguments, have more than ever given us reasons to KNOW even more so, that “evolutionists” and evolution is false. Evolution of man it is way off the field, intellectually, logically and scientifically. 

In fact, his article (Ruse's) with all its feeble and weak dichotomy helped us understand and believe even more,  without the shadow of a doubt that an Intelligent Creator is the originator of life. Blind Chance, as Ruse incessantly proposes, is an absurdity. It is totally illogical and scientifically does not carry one iota of true facts and weight. "Evolution" is totally based on conjecture.

We sincerely add, we don't think that Ruse himself beliefs what he writes. 

Sources: The Unbeliever at War with God: Michael Ruse and the Creation-Evolution Controversy. Accessed Sept 27th, 2017

Information Science Axioms 

Information Science demands that a program is designed and made by an intelligent programmer. 

 "According to the information laws, every piece of information requires a sender" (Werner Gitt. 2009).

Figure courtesy of  

Even a simple older washing machine with its 4 bit cycle required someone to program it so it can operate during the four cycle process. 

" The Hoover Company used cartridges to program different wash cycles. This system, called the "Keymatic", used plastic cartridges with key-like slots and ridges around the edges. The cartridge was inserted into a slot on the machine and a mechanical reader operated the machine accordingly". 

"In 1998, New Zealand-based company Fisher & Paykel introduced its SmartDrive washing machine line in the US. This washing machine uses a computer-controlled system to determine certain factors such as load size and automatically adjusts the wash cycle to match".  

Reversible motor

"In most current top-loading washers, if the motor spins in one direction, the gearbox drives the agitator; if the motor spins the other way, the gearbox locks the agitator and spins the basket and agitator together. Similarly, if the pump motor rotates one way it recirculates the sudsy water; in the other direction it pumps water from the machine during the spin cycle. Mechanically, this system is very simple".

Does not this look like the simple bacteria illustration for "irreducible complexity" used by Michael Ruse ?

Ruse states, "turn to the micro-world of the cell and of mechanisms (or ‘mechanisms’) that we find at that level. Take bacteria which use a flagellum, driven by a kind of rotary motor, to move around. Every part is incredibly complex, and so are the various parts, combined. The external filament of the flagellum (called a ‘flagellin’), for instance, is a single protein that makes a kind of paddle surface contacting the liquid during swimming. Near the surface of the cell, just as needed is a thickening, so that the filament can be connected to the rotor drive. This naturally requires a connector, known as a ‘hook protein......’"

This sounds like someone programmed this bacteria as by Ruse's own admission, quoting (Behe 1996, 39) says, "every part is incredibly complex".

On the contrary, a washing machine is an incredible less complex mechanism, and yet it required a programmer for it to function automatically. It is absurd to think that the Hoover Company relied on pure "chance" in order to arrive and design a washing machine with such simple luxuries.

This demanded a set of engineers and large amounts of monetary investment to arrive at such an automated process.

The Flight Planning Systems Programming & Languages

Would a complex program such as the one used by Delta Airlines for its domestic and international flights, in order to control its flight planning systems, and all of its complex hardware come about by mere “chance” ? I doubt anyone who found this out, if it was true, would want to flight with that particular airline. 

Delta's and any other airlines flight information and control systems rely on today's binary programming languages. Be either eight, 16, 32, or more bits. They are utilizing the binary based information science of 1's and 0's.

The human genome is based on the quaternary system 

Why, then would the most complex mechanism of humans and living organisms with its quaternary system of program design, its 3 and ½ billion letters that compose the human genome, the codon based programming systems in the RNA as commanded by the 4 bits of programming language in the DNA made up of Adenine, Thymine, Cytosine, Guanine require any less of a complexity and intelligence in programming design ?

When we look at this marvelous process, only an absurd thinking and illogical mind, with something to hide, would proclaim that the DNA with its 4 letter code and its 3 letter programming code that produces billions of reproductions for each organ in the human and all living organisms would have come about by chance ?

Not withstanding the fact that the probability of error is only one in a billion reproductions and a reproduction rate of 50 nucleotide bases per second or 180,000 bases per hour.

Steven Kuensting (Own work) [CC BY-SA 4.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons for the DNA replication animation.

Additionally, "DNA replication in bacteria produces how many nucleotides?
1000 nucleotides per second". This is approximately 3,6 millions nucleotides per hour.

"DNA is consistently replicated with less than one mistake per billion nucleotides! "

"DNA polymerase makes very few errors and it corrects most of those quickly. In addition, there are other enzymes that follow along and "proofread" the nucleotides to be certain that the new nucleotides are actually complementary to the template strand. Any misfits are booted out and replaced with the proper base".

"The average human chromosome contains 150 x 106 nucleotide pairs which are copied at about 50 base pairs per second. The process would take a month (rather than the hour it actually does) but for the fact that there are thousands of places on the eukaryotic chromosome, called origins of replication, where replication can begin and then proceed in both directions. ... As replication nears completion, "bubbles" of newly replicated DNA meet and fuse, finally forming two new molecules".

Could the same be said of any program designed by man today?  

Delta airlines nor any other programed airline flight control system could boast of such small margin of error. And it such was the case, that their error margin is zero (0), it would mean that someone intelligent and arduously smart worked to produce such marvelous perfection. Never in a billions years would a complex program like traffic control system would have come about by mere “chance” as “evolutionists” naively incessantly try to make us believe. 

I ought to know, I worked on the redesign of the "Flight Planning Systems" of Delta airlines.

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